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Corrugated Bin Boxes

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Managing various items and sending them from one place to another is always tricky. But nowadays, corrugated bin boxes have solved the problem. There are many options for custom boxes, but corrugated boxes are always in demand.

Corrugated bin boxes are made of layers of Kraft paper. It is a stiff, healthy, and lightweight material. Due to several layers, it gives absolute protection to the products. 

Custom corrugated packaging is one of the world’s most use and sold packaging. It is everyone’s first choice when it comes to the safety of products.  Tall corrugated boxes are widely use for shipping and transporting various products. Because they are strong and durable enough to keep the products safe from shocks and jerks. However, corrugated cardboard boxes are consider the best option for packing and storing various items for import-export and retail stores.

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These boxes’ extra protective layers ensure that the products are safe from environmental effects such as humidity, moisture, and pollution. They also keep the product in its proper place. They are not only stronger as compare to other materials but are cost-effective. However, it is lighter in weight, which makes it ideal for shipping purposes. 

Get Corrugated Bin Boxes In Various Shapes and Designs 

These corrugated bin boxes are available in different shapes and sizes. These boxes can trimmed, and fold to get the desire shapes or sizes. You can add handles, extra slits, and cushion sleeves to these boxes for easy handling and greater flexibility.

Additionally, there are some designs that you can choose for stylish custom boxes;

  • Tuck-end boxes
  • Two-piece boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Hexagon boxes

Use Various Outstanding Printing Options for Pink Corrugated Boxes

Along with high-quality material and unusual styles, the beautification of the pink corrugated boxes is also vital. The custom corrugated boxes tend to store any item inside them. 

They are use to store many things, including skincare products, beauty items, accessories, and many more. Therefore, they must have an outlook that speaks for the product itself. They must have an attractive and eye-catching look.

Printing custom corrugated boxes with logos, captions, and information about the product will ultimately increase your company’s worth and sales. In addition, printing is the only way in which you can directly communicate with your customer. 

Printing corrugated bin boxes with images and pictures of the product or adding your company’s logo and information is the key to making your corrugated boxes stand out in the market. There are various options for printing, such as;

  1. Digital printing
  2. Off/on-set printing
  3. Flexography

Add Coatings to Give a Unique Touch 

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Sometimes affordable corrugated boxes store sensitive products that might get damage easily due to other environmental harms. 

Coatings are advantageous in this regard. They give a subtle and dense look to the boxes and secure them from getting damage. 

There are different options for coatings;

Glass coatings give a shiny and shimmery look to the boxes. If you love glitter or want to give your boxes a glamorous look, you should choose gloss coatings.

On the other hand, Matte Coatings add a simple and elegant look to the boxes. Those who dislike adding a glossy look to the packaging can choose matte coatings. Spot UV coatings are use to add a royal touch to the boxes. They make the logos, titles, or captions pop out. 

However, if you want a colorful and vibrant look at the corrugated boxes, you can go for color models. They make your corrugated bin boxes look more appealing to the customers. 

It is a vital process and should be done carefully. You can choose the CMYK model; as the name suggests, it consists of four colors (Cyan, magenta, yellow and black), or you can go for the PMS model; which has various colors. You can mix different colors to have a new one.

Use Add-Ons to Enhance the Beauty of Corrugated Boxes for Sale

You can also use different add-ons for the beautification of the corrugated boxes for sale. You can use the Embossing/ debossing technique. In Embossing, the pattern is raise compare to the background, whereas the pattern is sunken into the surface compare to the background in debossing. Furthermore, Gold/silver foiling is very demanding nowadays. 

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This beautiful finishing adds shine and gives the boxes a royal and captivating look. You can further add a PVC sheet to give a unique look. 

Adding ribbons and bows to the corrugated boxes is the perfect way to present gifts to your loved ones. With the corrugated bin boxes, you can also go for various styling options. 

Such as perforation, scoring, auto-bottom, reverse, straight tuck end, and die-cut window (so that the buyer can view the product clearly).

Types of Wholesale Corrugated Boxes 

Corrugated boxes are classified into four main types. The most popular types are single walls and double walls. 

  1. Single-face: single face consists of a single liner sheet and a single sheet of corrugated material. They are sold as rolls and are use as wraps to give an extra layer of protection. 
  1. Single-wall: Single wall boxes are prepare with a single corrugated sheet glued between two liner sheets. A single wall box is consider the most common type of board in the packaging industry. Retailers use these boxes to ship their products and as well as to display luxury items. 
  1. Double-Wall: this is a more durable kind than the two types explained above. Two corrugated sheets press with 3 three sheets of the liner to produce double wallboard. Double-wall boxes are mostly use to pack bulkier products that require solid boxes and are meant to ship to other parts of the world. 
  1. Triple-Wall: Triple wall boxes are prepare with three corrugated sheets and four liner sheets. Due to their immense strength, these small corrugated boxes aren’t use for commercial purposes but in industrial parts and products. 

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Hope this guide on custom packaging boxes will surely help you in the future. So what’s the next thing? Book your orders now from Packaging Sea USA and get exceptional quality corrugated bin boxes.  In addition, you don’t have to worry about its quality because our manufacturing team uses durable material that won’t break or damage during transportation. 

Moreover, we have printing techniques that you can use according to your product preference. The on is Offset printing, Digital printing, and flexography. The choice depends on you!

But if you don’t know about printing, call us now!

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