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Many reasons why ‌choosing a Packaging Sea supplier is the best option for your business. 1st we make your boxes from sustainable materials. We are experts in manufacturing and supplying high-quality boxes to meet your needs. Plus, we offer competitive prices and excellent customer service. Trust building is essential in any business relationship. When choosing us as your Packaging Sea supplier, you have to be sure that we will do everything to exceed your expectations. Our company also offers free shipping on all orders to get your packages for your business quickly and easily. Free design support is also available.  Contact us today to learn more.

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Mailer Boxes
Plain Boxes wholesale
Custom CBD Stickers Wholesale

Printing Boxes

We can assist you in designing and developing the ideal UV and hybrid Printing boxes that are consistent with your brand and enhance sales.

Plain Boxes

We have everything you’ll need to meet your corrugated Plain box needs. Made of high-quality, dependable materials.


Labels from Packaging Sea (OPC) Private Limited can be used to promote your business, product, or service outside.

Packaging Sea

Grab Top on Trends and High-Quality Custom Printed Boxes from Packaging Sea 

Having a product means it is also important to send it safely over long distances. If you search Product Boxes, then go for the best option means us. Our services make us different and prior from the rest in the market. Our clients do also appreciate our professionalism. You are always welcome to tell your needs, and we always make sure to make your needs in reality.

We Ought To Give Strong And Sturdy Protection With Our Materials. 

Material plays a role as a huge pillar in packaging. Assume someone whose product is not on trends in the market, and that is due to the materials that are of low quality. We make sure to protect your product throughout the journey so that your customer will always find it in a new state. Packaging Sea understands the importance of the material in custom packaging.

Here is a detailed overview of the materials we have for you.

  • Cardstock Material 

There are some other words of it, like pasteboard and cover stock. This material has a good hold for liquid products and other heavy embellishments. It is much more versatile than another paperboard.

  • Eco-Friendly Kraft Material 

Kraft material is now emerging as a top trend and holds a big place in custom product boxes wholesale. Tons of features make Kraft better in the environment like it is a no-toxic, odorless, low carbon, and pollution-free material.

  • Corrugated Material 

This material comes as a huge help in various situations. The composition of corrugated material consists of the tow or more linerboards. They are given as:

  • A flute (5mm)
  • B flute (3mm)
  • C flute (4mm)
  • E flute (1.5mm)
  • F flute (0.6mm)
  • Rigid Material 

These materials are famous for their sturdy strength, and that is why it is called for holding the fragile products to keep them safe from falling. It is much thick, so it is durable for your product packaging.

Choose The Amazing Designs For Your Custom Printed Boxes. 

If you want to increase the ROI, then the design of your custom printed product boxes will be the best option you will have. When a person enters a mall or shop, the first thing that attracts them is the design and style. You have to conduct a survey to know what your customers want. Our designers know what they are doing and what will be the requirement of the customers.

What Will Be The Best Printing Method? Find Here For You

The printing decision decides how you will get the custom retail boxes on your doorstep. Here we have some of the printing methods that you can use.

  • Digital Printing 

Advanced printing is the most common way of printing straightforwardly onto an assortment of media substrates. The method doesn’t need the printing plates to move the picture.

  • Offset Printing 

Dissimilar to computerized printing, offset printing comprises printing plates. Indeed, it is viewed as a customary technique comprising plates and rollers to move the ideal picture to the printing surface.

  • Screen Printing 

Screen printing incorporates the exchange of ink onto the substrate through a lattice. Paper and texture are the normal printing surfaces, yet particular.

We Know How to Make the Color Speak. 

You can use colors to make the custom retail packaging more alluring and attractive. You will successfully execute the right impact on the customers by combining the right colors.

Here we have two color plans in the packaging for you.

CMYK Model: We have four colors in the CMYK model cyan, magenta, essentially black, and yellow.

PMS Model: This machine has a wide range of options to choose the colors for custom boxes wholesale. It will make it easy to choose the color from so many options.

Get your product boxes more upgraded with these additional features

There is always extra available to make your box more eye-catching. You can also make your logo look more prominent by adding an add-on. We can help you achieve these easily, and here you have some of the options.

  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Window-cut
  • PVC Sheet
  • Die-cut

Our Prototype Is Always Available To Check 

Prototypes act as a bridge between long relationships. We urge our clients to model since it allows us an opportunity to demonstrate our value. A certified organization won’t ever pull out from giving examples of their work.

We can give you samples of the custom-printed boxes with these methods:

  • Flat view
  • 3D inspection
  • Physical sampling

Get an Exclusive Guide for All Packaging Solutions with Packaging Sea 

You can easily compare our custom product packaging services with all the remaining. The testimonials will do this on our website. Our clients know the worth of our work for them, and they speak for us.

For further help, here we have some key points to share with you.

  • We offer sensible bundles reasonable for each business type.
  • You get further limits on mass requests.
  • Our conveyance is for nothing.
  • We have the fastest completion time.
  • You can submit a request with at least 100 boxes.
  • Our client care is accessible all day, every day.

Assuming that you figure we can be your bundling accomplice for all custom boxes’ necessities, then, at that point, get in touch with us whenever, anyplace.

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