All The Contributive Chocolate Covered Strawberry Packaging Ideas

chocolate Covered Strawberry Packaging

“Strawberries Are Nature’s Candy.”

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What Is Chocolate Covered Strawberry Packaging?

Chocolate covered strawberry packaging is small cardboard boxes used to pack and ship strawberries. These custom boxes typically have a perforated lid that allows the berries to breathe. They often have a thick layer of foam or other packaging material to keep the fruit from damage during shipping. Some boxes for chocolate covered strawberries also include a plastic baggie or other containers to keep the berries from leaking or getting bruised.

How To Perfectly Pack Strawberries In Chocolate Covered Strawberry Containers?

When packing strawberries into chocolate covered strawberry containers, it is essential to take care not to damage the fruit. Gently place the berries into the box, not crushing them. If thinkable, pack the strawberries in a single layer, so they do not touch each other. 

This will help to prevent bruising. Once all the berries are in the custom box, seal the lid securely and label the box with the kind of fruit, the date packed, and the destination. 

9 Ideas to Use Packaging for Chocolate Covered Strawberries

  1. For Small Quantities

Place strawberries in a distinct layer on top of custom packaging material such as beautiful tissue paper or foam pads. Moreover, place the lid on the packaging box and seal it with packing tape.

“Chocolate Covered Strawberries are the Best.”

  1. For Larger Quantities

Place a layer of custom packaging material on the bottom of the box. Add a layer of strawberries, ensuring they are not moving each other.

Add an additional layer of packaging material, then recurrence the process until the packaging for chocolate covered strawberries is full. Seal the lid with strong packing tape.

  1. For Gift-Giving

Place strawberries in a double layer on top of tissue paper. Furthermore, place the lid on the box and seal it with packing tape. Decorate the custom box with ribbon, bows, or stickers.

  1. For Shipping

Place strawberries in a double layer on top of custom packaging material such as tissue paper or foam pads. Later, place the lid on the wholesale box and seal it with perfect packing tape. Label the box with the destination address and USPS shipping labels.

  1. For Storage

Place strawberries in a single layer, such as tissue paper or foam pads. In addition, place the lid on the box and seal it with clear packing tape. Store in a cool, dry place.

chocolate Covered Strawberry-Packaging wholesale

“Melted Chocolate and Strawberries are the Top Dessert Combination Ever Invented.”

  1. For Display

Place strawberries on top of wholesale material such as tissue paper or foam pads. Additionally, place the lid on the wholesale packaging box and seal it with vibrant packing tape. Place the custom packaging box on a presentation table or retail shelf.

  1. For Selling

Place strawberries on top of packaging material such as foam pads. After that, place the strong lid on the box and seal it with strong packing tape. In addition, label the custom box with the price and type of strawberry.

  1. For Events

Place strawberries in a thick layer on top of packaging material such as tissue paper or foam pads. Also, place the lid on the packaging box and seal it with chocolate-covered strawberries packaging ideas. Decorate the box with event-themed ribbons, bows, or custom stickers.

  1. For Fundraisers

Label the chocolate covered strawberry packaging with the price and kind of strawberry. Donate a portion of the income to the fundraiser. 

Try Printing On The Strawberry Packaging 

Chocolate covered strawberry packaging can print with a variety of different printing techniques. The most common printing methods use for custom strawberry boxes are the following:

  1. Offset Printing 
  2. Digital Printing 
  3. Screen Printing 
  1. Offset printing is a kind of printing that uses plates to transfer images onto paper. Offset printing is the most common form of printing used for packaging. 
  2. Digital printing is a form of printing that uses digital files to produce prints. Digital printing is often used for small runs of images or prints that need a high level of detail. 
  3. Screen printing is a kind of printing that uses screens to assign images onto paper. Screen printing is often used for large runs of prints that require a high level of detail.

For further information about printing, contact us at Packaging Sea!

chocolate Covered Strawberry Packaging boxes

The Following Materials

  • Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes for best containers for chocolate covered strawberries are one of the most common evidence of a luxury brand. These boxes are refined and have clean edges; any box style can come with rigid material and enhances the look. 

Most luxury companies use these boxes as an alternative to harmful plastic boxes, which is always a plus because plastic looks bad.

  • Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve boxes also come with rigid trays, which project quality and luxury; these boxes create an elegant appearance for the boxes and make the product stand out. 

Many of these Chocolate covered strawberry packaging even come with windows to show the strawberries inside the box, which is a bonus.

  • Flap Boxes

The Flap boxes with rigid material are some of the most common boxes for Chocolate Covered Strawberries. In addition, these make a brilliant gift as the boxes can have magnetic flaps that create a whole new look. To make it a little cooler, you can add the logo over the part pulled by magnets, giving it a vaulted look.

  • Double Walled Boxes

Double Walled boxes usually are quite firm and create a safe and organic look; these usually look best with natural colors like brown and nudes. The neutral color palette provides a luxury, eco-friendly vibe without announcing it on the packaging. It also increases popularity amongst people as everyone becomes aware of the earth.

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  • Hexagon Boxes 

If you are looking for something unique, Hexagon boxes for chocolate covered strawberries packaging is the way to go. In addition, these custom packaging boxes provide a brilliant outlook and make a lasting impression on the clients. 

Most people think of these as great gifts because, according to bakery packaging boxes, these boxes tick every need. The quality of the box is impressive, the outlook is brilliant, it is unique, and people are attracted to what is different.

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