7 Cool Packaging Ideas That Are Surprisingly Inexpensive

Packaging Ideas

Packaging is a valuable opportunity to connect customers to your brand. What is trendy and social media shareable can now be the focal point of your marketing strategy.

Organizations are incorporating unique packaging into their marketing campaigns to increase brand recognition. Impactful marketing can increase the exposure of your company and help you stand out in the marketplace.

Creativity in packaging design doesn’t always have to come at a great cost. Here are some 7 Cool Packaging Ideas That Are Surprisingly Inexpensive examples that are guaranteed to make an impression.

1- How to Cut a Die

Die Cut is  one of the most popular, affordable packaging options.

Here’s how you can use bait to capture your customer’s interest

Choose one of three options for your packaging- a Reverse Tuck End, Straight Tuck End or a Seal End. With a die-cut of your choice, there is an additional nominal fee.

The perfect design is one that reflects the brand, but isn’t too over-designed.

Learn How Fit Buns Packaging Is Designed

A paperboard box with a full-color print and a special die cut is included. This gives the appearance of being expensive, but it is actually an affordable option.

Find Out What The Surprise Is

But you can also have the same design printed on your product packaging for only an additional 10%. Online unboxing experiences are popular, but customers remember how homes look, so a personalized design is a good idea for a lasting impression.

2- Printed Patterns

Printed patterns are sleek, show a brand’s minimalism and make people think of luxury.

Offset and digital printing can be used to create color patterns. In offset printing, the design is first transferred onto a plate of gelatin by using transparencies. Some colors will use plates with one color, while others use plates with more than one color. The design undergoes ultraviolet radiation to chemically harden the areas where ink was applied incorrectly or not at all.

How Much Does This Pattern Cost To Enter?

You don’t need PMS Color or special paper & ink to achieve a look like this.

First, make sure that your artwork is keeping in line with your brand to ensure that the pattern looks well-executed.

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Packaging trends change with the times and technology has updated enough to provide the ability to quickly innovate. Packaging Sea advice is to leverage digital printing, which will allow rapid innovation.

Printing is expensive. Digital printing can be less expensive and offers a more promising future.

But how does offset printing differ from digital printing in terms of quality?

The efficiency of our digital printing technologies is increasing with time, and lithography may no longer be necessary.

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3- Go Digital

Going digital with your corrugated and e-commerce packaging will save you money. You will save tons of money from the setup in offset printing and have a faster turnaround time.

4- How To Design Custom Printed Sleeves

Present your boxed product in a unique and clever way by adding custom packaging.

Packaging Sea can generate custom boxes at a low cost, important for fashion ranging from clothes to motorcycles.

For a lower price than a custom packaging box, you can get a case to make your products stand out. This is done by highlighting the design with the boxes and making it feel special to open.

If your company is looking to be cost efficient, but also values the environment, then going with box sleeves will help you do just that. Customers can reuse the same packaging because sleeves don’t compromise a box’s structural integrity.

You can reduce costs by using custom sleeves Packaging Boxes Wholesale because you would be opting out of extra paper and cardboard in the envelope.

5- Foil Stamping

Importantly, (hot) foil stamping was expensive due to being labor-intensive. Today, foil stamping options are more affordable than they have been in the past.

The cost of adding additional features only accounts for about 10-15% of the manufacturer’s production price. You can create more personalized branding with embellishments and have the same cost as a premium brand.

With a variety of designs to make your product look professional, Custom Boxes Printing is the right tool for success.

6- New Finds In The Market Tissue Paper And Inserts

Add custom elements to your packaging, including adding customizable interior parts that customers will enjoy. Using tissue paper provides a low material cost, making it appealing. It also creates a positive branding experience within your company.

Adding an insert to your package is a creative way to extend your unboxing experience. Including a pre-printed thank you note to your package for cheap, touching each one and adding personal flair.

Those who want to create a memorable unboxing experience can use Custom Packaging Boxes, which gives customers the ability to see their video as they unbox your product.

Social media channels can be a great way to remind customers of your company, but are also a way for customers to share on social media channels.

You can unbox things like they were packaged and opened by a store, without buying elaborate new packaging materials, but by adding tissue paper and these other items.

7- Stickers And Labels

Stickers provide a way of individualizing packages with customized touches. If you pack your package in custom boxes with logo wholesale, your logo is the first thing customers will see when they open what’s inside.

Sticker prices go down with high-print quantities, meaning a greater number of stickers ordered. This also depends on the size or shape of the sticker and whether it is printed in sheets or rolls.

Create a custom look for less by adding stickers to the packaging surface.

With 3D printing and design, customers can get a personalized experience while costing less, which makes it a great way to save on the product itself.

To Wrap It Up

Packaging design and what it can do for you with the current competitive market, custom printed boxes can help you connect with your customers and stand out among the competition.

It will also help your brand in the future. Use our cost-effective tips to design packaging that will leave lasting impressions on customers.

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