People’s Liking For Cone Ice Cream


With the start of the hot season, people like to eat ice cream, and some like ice cream even in cold winters. Ice cream feels more delicious when we are on the streets, picnics, and wandering on the beach. Ice cream lovers eat ice cream with an appetite even at birthday and wedding parties. Each bite they eat makes them delighted. The charm of the ice cream doubles when wrapped in exciting packaging, and Custom Cone Sleeve packaging saves it from melting and leaking. Moreover, the waffles’ taste, crunch, and crispiness remain fresh in standard packaging.

Get High-Quality Cone Sleeves From The Most Reliable Place, “Packaging Sea”

To protect ice cream from melting and leaking and enjoy the crunch of ice cream waffles, you need superb packaging that withstands severe weather conditions and protects the waffles from moisture. Our custom-designed waffle cone sleeves are guaranteed to provide alluring and secure packaging. It won’t allow the moisture and heat to affect the freshness and crunch of the waffles. 

You can get high-quality cone sleeves for ice cream with stunning designs and lavish outlooks. We provide you free doorstep delivery in promised time. You can get free design samples to choose from our design templates. Our unbeatable and reasonable rates are a certain way to satisfy our customers. Our customer satisfaction is our priority.

Customization Of Cone Sleeves Is The Best Way To Get Top-Notch Place In The Market

Ice cream enthusiasts expect their favorite brand to develop something new to feel delighted. Custom cone sleeves are important for protecting cone ice cream from melting and improving the brand’s value. We are the best professionals to create custom cone sleeve in countless designs, colors, shapes, and styles to complement your marketing strategy. 

If you want to advertise your newly started ice cream business, the best option is to print your brand’s logo with enticing and attractive details about your brand. Thrilling quotes and emojis make your product more acceptable for ice cream lovers.

We keep your suggestion in mind and all the requirements that meet your brand’s needs while printing cone sleeves. Our reliable custom waffle cone sleeves are the best way to keep your brand in the top-notch market. Custom waffles cone sleeve give a uniqueness to your brand, and your profits multiply with time. 

Buying Custom Cone Sleeves In Bulk Is Certainly Effective For Better Marketing

 Stylish and uniquely designed cone sleeves wholesale are attractive to the customers and come in handy for brand promotion. We prepare the white, brown, and many other colors of cone sleeves for ice creams in bulk for wholesale at affordable prices, which can enhance your profits. If you get custom cone sleeves wholesale, they are sure to save your time and money. Discounted rates of cone sleeves minimize the retail price of the cones; in this way, your customers will be able to buy ice creams at low prices. 

 In the market where wholesalers always face competition from brands, The platform of Packaging Sea will help you to prominent your product among others through captivating designs of cone sleeves. If you order bulk boxes, you can get free shipping all over the country and free design samples to choose from.

Selecting Eco-Friendly Material For The Cone Sleeves Saves Nature

Custom cone waffles require eco-friendly packaging and provide protection against heat and moisture, and save your ice cream from melting and leaking during eating.

 Our packaging is a smooth and thin layered paper that provides light-weighted closure to your branded cone ice cream. The paper has the same qualities as the other materials do. It is highly resistant to heat and moisture, dust, and microbes. It is also recyclable and does not create any pollution.

You can get three-layered material that is highly durable and provides thick and solid packaging for cone sleeves. All materials are 100% recyclable.

Numerous Printing Options For The Embellishment Of The Waffle Cone Sleeves Wholesale

Print your custom cone sleeves in several designs and printing options: select vibrant colors that entice children, youngsters, and adults to taste unique flavors and crunch. A gorgeous look of ice cream attracts the target audience to your brand, and Packaging Sea offers you elegant packaging for cone sleeves.

We print your branded ice cream cone sleeves with your desired printing techniques like:

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Silkscreen printing 
  • 3D printing

Each printing technique provides your desired design in unique color schemes proficiently. There are PMS & CMYK color models in the market to bring elegant and stylish cone sleeves. Our strategy is to use PMS for digital printing and CMYK for offset printing on your demand.

We Offer Various Add-Ons To Add The Beauty Of Custom Cone Sleeve For Ice Creams

  • Forgiving a branding look to your cone ice cream, use different add-ons with unique printing. You can give an eye-catching and stylish exterior look by using the following add-ons:
  • Die-cutting
  • Embossing
  • Debossing 
  • Spot UV
  • Hot stamping

Whether matte, glossy, or satin, you can select your desired coating for waffle cone sleeves. These add-ons help your brand look outstanding and stay in the top-level market.

The Reasons To Choose Packaging Sea For Custom Cone Sleeve Or Waffle Cone Packaging

At PackagingSea, we understand that standard and good-looking custom cone sleeves play a vital role in packaging, retail using, and shipping your precious product. We offer various custom packaging options for securing and retaining the taste, flavor, and crunch of your cone waffles. 

We are the manufacturers of the perfect size and style of packaging for your food items, especially for cone ice cream. We print your brand’s logo or company name on the boxes for a professional touch to make them user-oriented. Our matchless services are the basic reasons our client circle is extending day by day. You can select our company because we offer:

  • Standard, fully customized packaging
  • High-quality printing and add-ons
  • Reasonable rates for retail and wholesale
  • Satisfactory services
  • Effective communication 
  • Eco-friendly boxes preparation
  • Free and fast doorstep delivery
  • Expert’s opinions on packaging problems

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