Most Trending 15+ Candle Packaging Ideas You Will Love in 2022!

Candle Packaging Ideas

In the past candles were used just for the sake of light as it was one of the major sources of getting it. But now, candles have gone through a massive paradigm shift and their uses are completely changed. 

Candles, now, are used for meditation purposes, aroma giving instruments while taking bath and as a fine gift too. 

This significant change in the scope of candle usage changes the candle packaging too. 

Along with being strong and sturdy, now the candle packaging boxes must have various other characteristics ranging from being beautiful, customizable in every sense and easily accessible too. 

Therefore, to apprise you about the common uses and styles of candle packaging, here are the 17 most trending candle packaging ideas that you would love to try in 2022. 

Luxury Candle Packaging Ideas:

One of the major use of candles in present times is as gifts. Yes, a lot of people gift aromatic and colorful candles to their loved ones. 

Therefore, to present the gift appealingly, its packaging must be fascinating. So, here comes the luxury candle packaging ideas to save you in the market. 

You can use Linen stock-made candle boxes as they are extremely sleek in their design and highly precise in their size. Also, you can add foiling to it to make them more eye-catching. 

Apart from that luxury candle packaging is highly customizable. You can imprint the name of the receiver, if it is a birthday gift, you can print best wishes on it. 

In short, you get countless customization options. 

Eco-Friendly Candle Packaging Ideas:

The most concerning thing at present times is to save the environment from a carbon footprint. Everyone tries his or her best to play a vital role. 

The packaging industry wants to play its part through eco-friendly packaging. So, if you are a candle manufacturer, try to use Kraft-made candle boxes as they are eco-friendly. 

Ultimately, it will benefit your business as the customer loves to buy things packaged in eco-friendly packaging. Even customer is concerned about the environment, therefore, by preferring eco-friendly packaged products, they play their role. 

Black Candle Packaging Idea:

Want to make your candles minimally packaged, try to use black candle boxes. No doubt, these black boxes are also used as luxury candle packaging, but you can use them as minimal packaging too. 

Black candle packaging is customizable and just adding the right font and right colored text, it will turn it into attractive packaging. 

You can use black packaging as the box of your regular candles, but if you use it for aromatic and meditation candles, it will suit you more. 

Cheapest Candle Packaging Ideas:  

Packaging is expensive according to your budget, no worries. Now, you can get candle packaging ideas that can be cheap on your wallet. 

First, you can get low-budgeted materials from the vendors, like thin cardboard and paper stock etc. and get the pre-designed boxes for your candles. 

The second is DIY. Yes! You can DIY your candle boxes and it will cost you excitingly low. Just get the cardboard from the market, some color markers and some stickers. Design them as you wish and get your candle boxes ready. 

Paper-Tube Candle Packaging Idea:

If you have stick candles and you either want to gift them or preserve them, the best packaging option for you would be Paper-Tube candle packaging. 

They are long and tall in shape and made of simple paper stock. They can be in sleeve style or one side opening box. However, they are not that much sturdy as cardboard boxes. But there is no need to be as strong as them. 

Because paper tube packaging is used for stick candles, they have no significant weight. Therefore, lightweight paper tube boxes are comfortable to use. 

Give it a try and see the looks of your candles. Crazy! 

Tin Container Packed Candle Packaging Idea:

This style of packaging was used back in the Roman era when the people did not waste the wax of candle and just preserve it in tin cans. 

But now, the purpose of these tin container-packed candles is different. They are now used as portable candles. For instance, if you are going camping in the forest and you need candles, you will take tin container candles. 

But why? Because these tin cans keep the wax moisture and dry at the same time. And you can use them easily even in the rain. Another benefit is that you can keep them in your hiking backpack easily as they are compact and small. 

Also, the cherry on the top is that some of these candle tin containers have a space for a lighter beside them. Easy-Peezy for Camping!

Rigid Candle Packaging Idea:

Want to gift a candle but the receiver is abroad, and you have to ship it but are afraid that it will ruin the wax? Stop worrying now as this candle packaging idea is for you. Rigid candle boxes are one of the strongest packaging boxes

Even if you have candle wax in glass containers, these boxes will keep it safe. They are not only just strong but attractive too. Even you can customize them as you want. 

Foiling goes best on them as their layers are thick and can bear the engraving easily. Therefore, embossing and foiling both can work here. 

Luxury Bundle of Massage Candle Packaging Idea:

Bundle packaging is famous in the packaging industry nowadays. Candle bundle packaging is one of the best packaging ideas for wholesale receivers. 

So, if you are a massage candle manufacturer and looking for bundle packaging, use a cardboard base and film-coated sheet as the top of the box. It will offer a peek-a-boo to your customer to see the product easily. 

Also, it is the product of massage users, therefore, they would buy it in bulk, hence bundle packaging would be the best idea to go for it. 

Large Size Tin Candle Packaging Idea:

Mostly, hotels, restaurants, rest houses and recreation spots are the customers of large size candles. Therefore, to keep the candles in the best shape and condition, large size tin candle packaging is a fine idea to use. 

It can keep the candle for a long time and can keep it safe too. Also, the tin packaging preserves the wax in it and makes it to use again. 

Color Contrast Candle Packaging Idea:

This idea falls in the category to make the packaging of candles more appealing and enthralling. You can use it as a brand, let me tell you how! 

You are a clothing brand and have a specific color theme for your articles, let’s suppose purple and green. And you want to use candles as gifts for your campaign. 

Get purples candles and their packaging in green or any other colors instead of purple. It will make your idea of color contrast packaging. 

Even if you do have not any brand color’s theme, just go for a contrast color for your candles. Eventually, you will get contrast color candle packaging.  

Decorative Candle Packaging Idea:

In this idea, the major role would be of add-ons that are used to make packaging decorative. For instance, foiling in gold or silver, embossing, debossing, printing etc.

To make the candle packaging boxes more appealing, you can use colorful foiling on the brand name or candle name, or you can use embossing to make it further eye-catching. 

The fonts and design of the box also add to its decoration. 

Flower Scented Color Packaging Idea:

Scented candle packaging is usually used for scented candles as both have the same aroma. However, you can use scented boxes for simple candles too, but it would not go appealing. As the box would be scented and the product is simple. 

Therefore, try to use flower-scented candle packaging for scented candles. It would be according to the scent of the candle, if it is jasmine, the box should be jasmine scented. If it is rose or any other, the box should of the same scent. 

Candle Packaging Idea for Container with a Lid: 

This is the extension of tin container candle packaging. You can use locking lids in these containers to keep the candles in them. This candle packaging idea is suitable for portable candles. The lid covers the candle and keeps it safe from dust. 

Also, this idea is the most suitable for scented candles as with the lid on the top the fragrance of the candle remains in it. 

Home Made Candle Packaging Idea:

This idea goes for your DIY candle packaging boxes and containers. It is not difficult; you can get candle packaging at your home. Just grab some glass jars and put wax in them and your candle container is ready.

To make it beautiful, add some designs with color markers and get it ready for use. 

Also, you can use paper boxes to contain this glass jar and put it on your office table, room shelf or bathroom rack to get its fragrance. 

Transparent Candle Packaging Idea:

Transparent packaging is trending nowadays even on candle packaging. It makes it easy for the viewer to see through the product with this packaging. Transparent candle packaging should be used when the candle is colored and have some designs on it.

Then it will give an appealing look otherwise, it would be just a simple candle packaging. 

Therefore, try to use this idea when your product is decorated. 

Floating Candle Packaging Idea:

Floating candle packaging is a little bit expensive and is mostly used for luxury packaging. It has some liquified jelly in the box which keeps the candle floating. 

Mostly, stick candles are packed in this type of candle packaging and just for luxury purposes. Therefore, this packaging is usually used as gift packaging for candle items. 

Candle Wrapping Idea:

If you don’t want to pack your candle in a box or container, you can just wrap it in a paper or film-coated sheet. Just get the paper and put the candle in it and tie the paper around it with ribbons to keep it intact. 

The second wrapper idea is to wrap your candle boxes. You can pack custom candle boxes in wrapping paper as gift packaging

So, these are the most trending ideas for candle packaging that you can use and make your product stand out. 

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