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    “If You Work Just For Cash, You’ll Never Make It,

    But If You Love What You’re Doing And Always Put

    The Consumer First, Success Will Be Yours.”

    Branding combines the experience, perception, and reputation consumers have of your business. The logo is part of generating an actionable strategy for your custom packaging and brand identity to be distinguishable amongst the clutter of hundreds of other brands online.  

    It Is Your Trademark.

    A logo interconnects more than just ownership; it communicates the excellence of your products or service and the standards of your business. The logo is likely the initial interaction potential customers will have with your business. So how do you make it count?  

    Types Of Logos for Custom Packaging 

    The term logo refers to the trademark representing your brand and products/services.  Moreover, there is a range of dissimilar types of logos for custom printed boxes, including:

    1. Wordmark – A standalone word (e.g., Coca-Cola)
    2. Lettermark – A standalone letter or abbreviation (e.g., A for Adobe)
    3. Symbol – A standalone symbol (e.g., Nike swoosh)
    4. Emblem – wordmark or symbol within a considered shape (e.g., Harley-Davidson Motorcycles)

    Businesses may also select a combination of these logotypes for dissimilar purposes.  For example, on your website, you may select to use your Emblem, while on social media, you may only showcase your symbol. 

    Choosing 1-3 variations of your logo allows for versatility across all marketing channels.  However, it is significant to note that all variations should be related and complement each other to ensure your branding increases in recognizability. 

    “A Logo Doesn’t Sell

    (Directly); It Identifies.”

    A successful logo aligns with your industry and customers.  So really, it depends on your niche.  Usually, if you are a business that offers services, it is great to stick to a more sleek and simple design to communicate an expert feel. 

    Wordmarks Or Lettermark Tend To Do Best. 

    If you are in the clothing industry, you may use a symbol logo to print onto garments and tags easily.  A logo builds competence and authenticates your brand as consistent.  The logistics behind logos are much deeper than you may think. 

    Different colors of wholesale packaging can appeal to different emotions.  It tells possible clients who you are and what you do. And how they can take advantage of your brand.  

    Without reading articles or reviews, your ideal customer will already get a feel for your brand by looking at your logo. 

    Why Do Brands Need Logos for Custom Box Packaging? 

    At the end of the day, nobody cares what your logo looks like; what clients are looking for is to build custom box packaging or authentic connections with the brands they purchase from.  For your logo to be fruitful, your products and services need to offer an experience that aligns with your customer base; the logo is really just there to support it.

    The logo allows customers to recognize and remember your brand. So, they can tell friends and family about your exceptional experience with your product or service. 

    Logos shapes a more substantial brand presence and professionalism in a world of thousands of different products. 

    Depending on your niche, your logo has the potential to stand out from competitors. And catch the attention of potential customers. It is what makes your brand recognizable. 

    How To Create a Successful Logo?

    “The Strongest Logos Tell

    Simple Stories.”

    Logos must be clear, simple, concise, and easy to interpret, especially for small businesses.  Keep your logo simple enough to scale across any advertising channel you need.  This could include your packaging boxes wholesale or on social media platforms. 

    The logo should also clearly represent what your brand does and how your customers can benefit from it.  This can be showcased through color, imagery, symbolism, and typography.

    Unlike large brands with years of brand recognition and substantial marketing budgets, smaller businesses must work harder to differentiate. And communicate their brand values. 

    That’s why custom printed boxes are so essential to building the foundation to start building brand recognition for your products or services. 

    Make sure you choose typefaces for custom packaging that are clear and easy to read, even when printed onto substrates like your packaging.  Discover the semiotics behind your chosen colors to ensure you appeal to the right look and feel your logo aims to communicate. 

    And lastly, get feedback from your customers.  Whether you are a start-up ready to launch your brand or an already established business looking to revamp your logo, chances are you already have an idea of your loyal customer base.

    Logos Are The Graphic Extension Of The

    Internal Realities Of A Company!

    You are creating products and services based on their needs, so ask them what they want to see from your logo!  

    Customer feedback is precious in ensuring the success of your logo, brand, and business.  It’s best to work with an expert graphic designer to help lay the base foundation for your logo. 

    Packaging Sea USA has a dedicated team of packaging designers that can help bring your logo to life across various marketing channels!

    Custom Printed Boxes with Logo Is a Marketing Tool for Your Brand

    If you need to present your product as high-end, all-natural, furtive, or cheerful, you can do all that and more with custom printed boxes with logo.

    The pieces all come together ideally through combining the right colors and materials and the positioning of different elements. And different printing processes. Like a fantastic puzzle where the actual prize is inside, but half of the fun is opening the package itself.

    Your brand has a story to tell. Every brand desires to be meaningful and to connect with its customers in a way that makes the brand relevant and exciting to them. 

    Wholesale custom packaging boxes are part of your industry’s character. And in many situations, it’s as much a part of the branding itself as the product within. 


    Custom Packaging Sets Your Products Apart

    We Pack The Way You Like!

    For some companies, their custom packaging is a part of their logo or name, and it would be ridiculous not to include it.  Everybody has likely seen or heard of the blue Tiffany’s boxes with their tell-tale theme color. Anyone around knows at a glance that it’s Tiffany’s box. 

    They’ve put so much into their packaging that it’s unmistakable.  If you can visualize it, their box and its coloring have become so iconic that they nearly transformed their packaging design into a piece of lovely jewelry. 

    That’s correct; you can purchase a “Tiffany blue” box necklace. 

    But this is just one of the numerous examples. For example, if you wanted to project your brand’s emphasis on being environmentally friendly. You might include packaging products that are recyclable or biodegradable.  Custom packaging boxes can make that happen through a combination of color, print material, printing process, and the packaging design itself. Also Read:

    We Box the Best, So It Unboxes the Best!

    We hope you can learn valuable things from this article that can help you gain more customer attention. In addition, if you don’t know about its design, let us know through a phone call. Our team at Packaging Sea USA is ready to serve our customers. Contact us today and get a free quote!

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