Step By Step Guide For Designing Stunning Empty Vape Cartridge Packaging

Empty Vape Cartridge Boxes

It takes 20 years to build a reputation in the market and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you will do things differently. So how to lure the market competition? The answer is to opt for empty vape cartridge packaging!

Vape cartridges or carts are small attachments to vape pens or e-cigarettes. Manufacturers usually use marijuana and CBD to fill these cartridges. 

Different types of vape cartridges are available in the market, depending on the medicinally active ingredients such as THC, terpenes, or cannabidiol. 

Cannabidiol is the full name of CBD. It is present in both plants of the cannabis family, including marijuana and hemp. CBD can be converted into a variety of vape oils or juices.

Working Mechanism of Vape Cartridges?

Vape cartridges fit ideally with the base of e-cigarettes. As you power up the battery, it turns on the atomizer, which converts the cannabis oil into cool inhalable mist by heating it at a low temperature. 

What Does An Overdose Of Vape Cartridges Do?

The moment you inhale the vape aerosol, it enters the blood through the lungs and then makes its way to the brain, where it has its most potent effects. 

Overdosage of vaping can cause many health issues, including; severe lung damage, slow brain development, affect memory, learning process, ability to concentrate, and adverse effects on mood. 

In addition, it can cause lung irritation and, in some cases, severe lung damage leading to death. If you are someone who is observing any of these conditions, shortness of breath, nausea, coughing, chest pain, vomiting, fever, tiredness, or rapid weight reduction, then call your doctor right away.

How To Effectively Target The Vape Market Or Consumers?

The vape market is rapidly expanding. In 2018 there was a rapid increase in vaping, from about seven million to 41 million.  In addition, market research groups estimate that these vape users will reach almost 55 million by 2021.

This means that vape cartridges and e-cigarettes have a considerable market. Using creative ideas to grab such a vast market is very important. Moreover, packaging is the only element that can make your brand’s vape cartridges different from the others. 

Let’s Grow Your Business!

We agree that empty vape cartridge packaging is not an easy task to perform; that is why there are many packaging companies to handle this job for you. 

Custom packaging is the best way to enhance sales and brand identity. Use design ideas that are different and eye-catching to attract consumers instantly. Moreover, try to indulge creativity in your packaging to attract more customers.

Customization Ideas for Empty Vape Cartridge Packaging 

Flavor Specific Packaging

We Bring Packaging To Life!

Customization lets you design the CBD boxes according to the product to be packed inside. The vape comes in different flavors; you can have a specific packaging for each type. For instance, you can use a black box for marijuana empty vape cartridge packaging to make them identifiable. Similarly, green color can be used for cannabis vape cartridge packaging. 

Interesting Printouts for Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging

You can also choose exciting printouts, quotations, images, and facts about the product on your custom vape cartridge packaging. Moreover, this will reflect the company’s knowledge and, in turn, earn customer trust. It is one of the most effective business strategies. 

“Until you deeply and genuinely understand your customers, you cannot truly serve them.”

In addition, there is a pro tip; to print inhibiting quotes; this will automatically urge the customers to purchase the product. According to psychology, the more you restrict a person from a particular act, the more the chances for him to perform that task. 

Moreover, if you don’t know about designing, send them to us. We at packaging Sea USA are ready to personalize empty vape cartridge packaging according to your need!

Finalize the Printing Techniques and Color Models

The various printing techniques and color models are following,

  • CMYK
  • PMS
  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Flexography

Unique Design of the Cannabis Vape Cartridge Packaging

Shapes play an essential role in making an ordinary box extraordinary. You can choose unique shapes for cannabis vape cartridge packaging to give your boxes a different look. 

For instance, star shape, pyramid shape, or hexagonal boxes can make your product different from many similar products. 

  • See-through feature

“Your Products, Our Excellence.”

It is a natural phenomenon that the customers in the market are curious to know what is inside the CBD boxes. To meet their curiosity, you can apply a see-through feature by applying a window-cut on empty vape cartridge packaging surfaces. 

You can apply one or more window cuts; it is totally up to your choice. Do not worry about the cost as it is quite an expensive process. 

You can either make die-cuts yourself or through a professional designer. The designer will not charge you much as the market rates of die-cuts are very affordable.

  • Incorporate Add-Ons
  • Embossing/ Debossing
  • Spot UV

What Factors Do You Need To Consider While Buying Custom Vape Boxes?

Brand’s Aesthetics

While looking for a unique custom vape box, you should first consider your brand’s aesthetics. A professional box will make your product look more professional and stand out in a crowded market. Empty vape cartridge packaging will also make your product stand out among the crowd. 

As long as it’s attractive to the eyes, you’ll have more success. Remember that you’re not selling products to a general audience.

Choose the Packaging Material

When choosing a marijuana vape cartridge packaging for your vape products, you should consider its material. In addition, you don’t have to stick to plain custom paper or cardboard, but you should consider the durability of the materials.

“You don’t earn loyalty in a day.

You earn loyalty day-by-day.”

The right custom wholesale box will be durable and attractive. And it’s essential to select a box that stands out from the rest. Whether your packaging is eco-friendly or not, your goods will be safe in their new home.


The type of custom vape box you choose will depend on your needs. The shape of the box should be the shape of your vape cartridge. Choosing the correct type of empty vape cartridge packaging is essential for the safety of your custom packaging product.

In addition, a well-designed empty vape cartridge packaging will increase your business’s visibility. This type of packaging will attract consumers and make it more appealing to customers. It will also enhance your brand awareness.

For this reason, finding a company with expertise in the field is essential. Whether you need simple packaging for your company or a complex design with intricate details, you can rest assured that you will receive a quality product that will make your business stand out.

Retail Marketing- Cookies Vape Cartridge Packaging

If you are looking for a cookies vape cartridge packaging, your best option is to contact us. The best packaging boxes wholesale for your products can be found in the retail sector. In addition to being an eye-catching way to promote your brand, these boxes can also help boost sales.

A brand is what a business does; reputation is what individuals remember!

Shipping Needs

When creating empty vape cartridge packaging, it is essential to consider retail marketing and shipping needs. Furthermore, the packaging materials should be durable and sturdy enough to keep the product safe on the road.

It should also contain supporting foam to prevent damage to the vape cartridges. This will keep the packaging secure. If you plan to sell these boxes in retail stores, it is essential to consider their durability. It should be sturdy enough to keep the product inside.

Think About the Shape, Size, and Style of Your Mailer Boxes 

The vape cartridge packaging is extremely flexible, so utilize its flexibility to create it in creative and eye-catchy shapes. Following are some of the shapes that can make vape boxes look alluring:

  1. Flip-Top Vape Boxes: The flip-top packages have an opening on the top end. They can be opened and closed easily just by flipping their fingers. 

This style was first introduced as covers of smoking items. This style would be a perfect strategy for your business to attract a large customer base. The flip-top boxes were traditionally used as containers for cigarettes. 

In addition, as vaping products contain less nicotine, you can attract many clients in the market by educating people about the lesser impacts of vapes. 

But packaging these vape items in professional containers instantly grabs consumers’ attention.

  1. Slider Vape Boxes: The slider containers have been very effective in influencing customers’ purchasing decisions. These containers can be effectively utilized as your custom vape cartridge packaging. 

The slider-shaped design consists of two parallel layers that slide on each other. It is made of cardboard material, making it sturdy and durable enough to protect fragile vaping products. This characteristic will attract a large customer base.

  1. Tuck-end Vape Boxes: Make your vape cartridge packaging in the shape of a tuck-end. The tuck-end vape boxes will have their ends tucked towards each other. 

Using this shape will make your vape packages lighter and smaller in size, making them the consumers’ first choice.

One Company, Limitless Solutions!

We hope this guide will surely help you increase brand sales and revenues. So what’s the next thing? Contact us today at Packaging Sea USA! 

We are the top packaging company in the market that can fulfill all your needs related to empty vape cartridge packaging and printing services. 

In addition, with our empty vape cartridge boxes you can easily take your brand to new heights of success. Moreover, we have several designs and colors that you can select according to your product requirement. It’s our guarantee!

We know how to wrap better!

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