Distinguished Cone Sleeves Are An Impressive Way To Market Your Brand


On the initial day when cone ice cream came into existence, it was an intricate part to keep it safe from melting and hold it in its place without a cone sleeve. The manufacturers have solved this mystery. Packaging Sea manufacture custom cone sleeves to keep your cones in position.

We make these sleeves precisely according to your specifications. 

Why Are Custom Cone Sleeves Beneficial?

There are various factors for purchasing custom cone sleeves. Except for all the other reasons, there is one that has nothing to do with the weather. Custom cones help you get a unique look and make a style statement. Available at competitive prices, these custom cones are also pocket friendly. These are available at eco-friendly prices. These custom cones are nontoxic, plus they help save trees.

Elegant Looking Cone Sleeves

The best thing about these custom cone sleeves is that they look and taste good too. These ice cream cones specify your tastes. We can customize these cones according to your demand. These are available in multiple sizes and shapes and are suitable for any occasion.

Custom-Designed Cone Sleeves Are The Best Option

We produce cone sleeves in different colors, designs, and styles. From plain to elaborate, every custom design will suit the taste and liking of everyone. When selecting the custom design ice cream cone sleeves, you do not need to worry. You can pick the option from the wide variety designed and printed by professionals.

 The best part of using custom cones is that printing companies provide hassle-free, fast, and reliable service. Once you make your order final, the company will take up the responsibility of delivering the custom design ice cream cone sleeves to your doorstep.

Transparent Sheet To Save Your Ice Cream Cone

It is evident for the ice cream that weather affects its appeal. In hot weather, ice cream melts soon, and it can damage the figure of the sleeves.

We add a transparent sheet in packaging sleeves to avoid any climate change effect. Packaging Sea gives you the ultimate guarantee that your ice cream cones will remain safe. Moreover, this packaging will represent your ice cream cone brand in the best possible manner.

Printing And Wrapping The Cone Sleeves At A Wholesale Price

If you want to promote your company uniquely. We are here! Our company produces custom ice cream cones according to your taste at wholesale prices.

You can choose your favorite colors and tell us what you like to print on them. Our professional designers help you through the product and printing outcomes.

Packaging Sea print custom edible ice cream cone sleeves on food-safe edible paper and ensure they are reliable enough to hold the weight of tasty cones piled high with sweet treats. Get your ice cream cone sleeves printed at our shop without minimum requirements on orders or setup fees.

Tasteful Metamorphosis To Give Attraction To Custom Ice Cream Cone Sleeves

We are introducing bewitching designs that give an influential appearance to ice cream cones and will grab the customer’s attention. These elaborations include new techniques, eye-catchy color combinations, appealing embossing and deposing, and eye-captivating coating.

Significant Designs

When inserted in the custom cone sleeves box. You must visit our website packaging sea to avail this opportunity. You also find the printers where you can find a variety of cone sleeves having different colors and designs to place your delightful ice cream cone. We can also make the amendments according to your requirements.

Eye-catching combinations

If you find only brown or white-colored boxes, it will make you feel exhausted. Our eyes want something different and colorful. You can have a variety of colors in custom cone sleeves at our website. We use the best quality colors, which maintain their quality and brightness after a long period.

Astonishing Embossing, Deposing

You can choose custom cone sleeves with a logo to promote your brand. This is the best way to make your customized cone sleeve box packaging prominent and grasp customers’ attention. It is the addition to embossing and deposing the items.

These two are the additions that show your products are exclusive and unique. 

The main reason for embossing and deposing is that it has the option to add foiling into it. It will illuminate the quality of the product.

Attractive Coating 

Coatings give a gleaming look to the cone sleeve.

We Offer Coatings In Two Different Ways. 

  • Matte 
  • Gloss. 

The difference is that the matte gives a non-shiny and unpolished look, and the shimmer gives the waffle cone paper a polished and shiny look.

Advantages Of Logo Printed Custom Cone Sleeves 

We print your company logo, and the message can be printed on the custom printed cone sleeves to create a bond between you and your clients. These custom printed cone sleeves are made from the highest quality materials and last for a long. With the Eco-friendly approach, you can promote environmental awareness among your customers. The eco-friendly ice cream is free from chemicals, dyes, fragrances, and other harmful products.

The names of the people who patronize your products can also be printed on the custom cone sleeve. In addition to this, you can use the Eco-friendly approach to market your business, thereby making your target customers conscious.


Packaging Sea offers the services to personalize your vanilla, chocolate, and mango ice creams by printing custom ice cream cone sleeve. This way, your business will get more publicity. Because there will be more significant curiosity amongst customers to try out your fantastic cones. 

For more orders and details, contact us. Our service is available 24/7 for your assistance. You can contact us via our number at 1-717-200-4744 or email at ssales@packagingsea

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Great About Custom Cone Sleeves?

Custom-printed ice cream cone sleeves are that there are no limits to what you can ask for in choices of sleeve colors and textures. As well as the range of sayings and logos that you offer to customers.

What Can We Print On Your Ice Cream Cups Or Cones?

Anything you want. We’ll make sure it’s perfect. You can order now or contact us for a free quote.

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