8 Lip Gloss Boxes Trend You Should Know Before Starting Your Business

Lip Gloss Boxes

Lipsticks or lip gloss boxes are the essential part of makeup that can enhance the beauty of girls. That is why girls never hesitate to buy lip glosses of different colors from their favorite brands at any cost. Some of the famous lip gloss brands are:

  • NARS
  • MAC
  • Fenty beauty
  • Broadway
  • NYX
  • Kylie cosmetics
  • Huda beauty
  • Dior makeup
  • Victoria’s secret
  • Revlon Makeup lipsticks
  • Tarte
  • Maybelline

These brands create long-lasting lipsticks that don’t look patchy on the skin. Then once their gloss is ready, they pack them in lip gloss boxes of various shapes and sizes to attract customers. So here, we will discuss eight lip gloss box trends you should know before starting your business.

Adorable Shapes & Styles

Firstly, try to pick sturdy packaging for the lipsticks. The best option is corrugated boxes as they can protect the lipsticks from all the hazards and troubles. As a result, lipsticks packed in these boxes can reach from the factory to the outlet or customer’s doorstep. Secondly, make custom lip gloss boxes of various shapes and styles. The best practice is to create boxes in the shape of the good so that people can take out their lipsticks easily. Plus, a good shape can attract customers’ attention and insist them visit your shop to have a clear view of these wholesale lip gloss boxes. The best cool idea is a square shape with a window. This shape is still trending because it gives an insight view of the box and creates temptation in the girls to buy lipstick from your brand.

Customized Inserts or Compartments

Adding compartments in the lip gloss boxes USA is a wise idea because you can pack two or three lip glosses at one time. Plus, such boxes give a neat organized look to the product and enhance the lipsticks’ overall charm. Even during transportation, these compartments will not let the lip glosses bump into each other, and indeed, all these glosses will be protected in the cardboard box packaging. So, whether you add compartments or not, it is your decision, but it is a smart trick to sell three lipsticks of different shades to one customer. This will increase your brand’s sales.

Beautiful Lids & Handles

Brands can add beautiful handles or lids to the custom printed lip gloss boxes. These handles can make the boxes easy to carry for the customers. Besides this, the main thing is when you are creating lip gloss boxes, brands have to be creative; otherwise, people will not like your brand and its packaging idea, and ultimately, they will not prefer to buy lipsticks from your firm. Instead, they will prefer your market revivals and boost their sales. It is not good for your firm and can make survival difficult for you. I try to be innovative while creating lip gloss box packaging.

Fascinating Artwork & Drawings

Choose attractive designs and artwork for the custom lip gloss boxes. A design needs to be simple as simple looks more fascinating to human eyes. But if you want to go for complicated designs, it’s totally fine. But keep in mind that the design should be according to box size; otherwise, it can spoil the overall look of the wholesale lip gloss boxes. One good advice that we can give you is to prefer a relevant design for these boxes. For example, you can print lipstick images outside the box or the shade of the lipstick. As it can tell customers what the box is related to.

Charming Color Combinations & Unique Typography

The next step is to choose charming color combinations for the lip gloss boxes USA. A pretty color combination can add value to the plain boxes and win customer’s hearts in a fraction of seconds. Secondly, for all the labeling processes, choose unique typography. It means opting for a decent writing style and font size according to the box size. And make it easy for the customers to read whatever is printed on the cardboard box packaging.

Mesmerizing Add-Ons to Cosmetic Boxes

You can add mesmerizing add-ons to the custom printed lip gloss boxes. For example, you can add lamination to the boxes. Indeed, lamination is an expensive task, but the matte coating or glossy look can add magic to the boxes. Plus, they can save the boxes from excess water or moisture. So, if you can afford then go for the lamination add-ons over lip gloss boxes. Second, the add-on is a ribbon that can be of any color, but if you make a bow with the ribbon, they can make lip gloss box packaging adorable.

Print the Product Description on the Boxes

The product description is the most important thing that any brand cannot skip. Because customer health is a major concern for all the companies. The product description on the custom lip gloss boxes includes ingredients used to make the lipsticks, manufacturing, and expiry date. All these instructions will guide the customers on whether the product is good for them or not and till what time they can use it without any hesitation.

Brand Promotion

Print the brand’s name on the wholesale lip gloss boxes as many companies are making lipsticks and creating awareness about your brand; always print the logo on these lip gloss boxes USA. As a result, more people will know about you and contact your brand to place their orders of lipsticks packed in alluring custom printed lip gloss boxes. The more people know you, the more your sales will increase rapidly.


Suppose you want to start a new lip gloss business and want to compete with other trending brands in the market. Then you have to follow these tips and tricks for lip gloss box packaging as they can promote your brand and win customers’ hearts in a fraction of seconds. Once people love your lipsticks, they will ultimately love your brand, and in this way, your business can become successful.

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