2 Piece Candle Boxes Act As a Booster for Your Business


If you have passion behind your work for candle boxes, then you should complete this art of power by giving the best possible shape of Candle Boxes Packaging. We cannot ignore that candles have become a significant part of our lives now. Packaging Sea is an online packaging store that offers free shipping and design services for 2 Piece Candle Boxes.

In short, candles are on trend now. Candles always play the role of bringing joy when it is used to give your loved ones as a gift or set on the table of dinner. The general requirement is that when a product looks good from the outside, it should be good from the inside. If you have your candles on shelves with a fresh smell and appearance, why not make them more valuable with the packaging.

Now here we have discussed something about candle boxes packaging that we cannot skip in any way. Let’s get in more depth and acknowledge ourselves with more of it.

Make Your Money Last With 2 Piece Candle Boxes 

You can always avail yourself of plenty of advantages with the candle packaging. Talking about the small investment and the high revenue is the best fit for the success of any business. Let’s get in-depth to make you money worthy enough to run your business on the top.

  • The main benefit will be of saving time which is much more valuable than any other thing
  • You don’t have to spend extra money on brands sales and advertising
  • Your business and brand will become more identifiable
  • You don’t require any human resources for the marketing of your brand
2 piece candle boxes wholesale

Tips and Tricks for Different Types of Candles 

Having so many brands and personalities in the market, it is very tough to know which type of packaging is required now. For example, which kind of candles will be suitable for 2 piece candle boxes? We will first understand about the kind and then more about it.

Here we are going to discuss all of those with you.

·         Votive Candle 

When we talk about the Votive candles, the one thing that comes first to mind is their label. However, there are many other things which you can use differently. Getting for easier packaging, you can do this in the blank box. After this, get a personalized label on this box, and now you are ready to compete well in the packaging competition.

You can make another addition by giving it a custom-printed glamorous look.  

·         Taper Candle 

Next, when we talk about the taper boxes, the only thing that stands out in the market is their color and scent, like white candle boxes. There is nothing prime or quality there. If we see more clearly, then this is where we can improve for our taper candles here.

Here we have to decide on the material. I suggest that the Kraft material will be perfect for this type of packaging because you can add add-ons, which elaborate more of the beauty here.

·         Aromatherapy Candles 

However, the main focus of your packaging is to give the best experience for your candle fans. The primary usage of aromatherapy candles is in the spa, yoga, or baths for the relaxation process. There are white candle boxes for these types of candles. The fragrance of these candles matters a lot, so make sure to pack them well enough to keep them fresh as well. For this, please choose the best customization options to fit the candles inside it.

·         Decorative Candles 

This is mainly used in homes and workplaces for their best appearance wherever they are placed. So, the customers always love these candles in their original design and shape. Due to the unique appearance of the candles themselves, the plan must also be competitive and attractive. For this purpose, the candle boxes with widow will work well here.

Make sure that you will provide suitable packaging here. We mean to give the packaging so that the candle will not be able to move in the box, and this will perfectly do the job. The outside of the box should be so that it will reflect what is inside of the box.

·         Tea Light Candles 

There is no limit to the creativeness of the light tea candles as these come in all colors, shapes, designs, and containers. You can always make it unique while putting it on the shelves wrapped in candle boxes with widow. There is a wide range of materials that you can choose for the packaging of these candles. For example, you can select the material on paper or Kraft candle boxes to the customized ones.

Now, go for some extra features like adding a label or a suggested sleeve on this, and now you are ready to compete well in the market.

·         Pillar Candles 

It doesn’t matter if pillar candles come in the simplest form, but these will always give a unique look. Take this simplicity to the next level. Choose an eye-catchy design and cutout for your boxes.

So we have now acknowledged what type of packaging will be suitable for the different types of candles in the market ranging from Kraft Candle Boxes to customized ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Have My Custom Box Without Any Printing On It?

Yes, you can do this according to your satisfaction. However, there will be multiple options for customization, like for 2 piece candle boxes, but you can also choose the option ‘’No printing’’ inside or outside the box.

Is There Anyway I Can See The 3D Mockup Designs Before Ordering? 

We do that. It’s in our rules book to give you a good overview of the boxes through the 3D mockup design first.

What Are The Materials Which You Use In The 2 Piece Candle Boxes? 

We ought to provide the best possible materials for your candles. Custom packaging boxes are manufactured with 100% biodegradable Kraft, cardboard, corrugated, and rigid packaging material. These materials are highly durable, resilient, and well-processed.

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